If you’re like most men, you like keeping a clean shave. Your electric shaver is your most prized grooming possession because it allows you to maintain your look each and every day, quickly and conveniently.

But what happens when your shaver isn’t performing optimally or stops working completely? A lot of guys will run out and buy a new one not knowing that they might have been able to fix their old one.

That’s why, in this article, we’re discussing troubleshooting and maintenance tips for your electric shaver so you can keep shaving on.

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Troubleshooting Your Electric Shaver

In most cases, a shaver problem can be easily identified and resolved. It just takes a little patience and a few troubleshooting techniques.

If your shaver isn’t working at all, first check the power at the outlet if it is an electric version. If you have batteries, make sure they’re charged fully. You can also test the motor and switches to make sure they’re functioning properly.

You might also need to check the charge on a battery operated shaver if it is running but sluggishly. Make sure the batteries are fully charged and if that still doesn’t fix it you can try replacing the batteries.

Also, check the screen for damage and/or corrosion if the shaver is pinching your skin. You may need to service it to make sure everything is clean.

Beyond these basics depends on the type of electric shaver you’re using. There are foil head shavers and rotary head shavers. And, while they both do the same thing, they function just a little differently.

Foil Head Electric Shaver

Before servicing your electric shaver you must absolutely remove it from the power source. Take the plug from the wall or remove the batteries before you begin.

You’ll need to remove the head assembly which is held on by a pressure button, screws, or clips. Next, remove the screen from the head and clean thoroughly. If this part is corroded or damaged then it’s time to replace it.

You’ll find a blade assembly within the oscillator assembly which can be cleaned with canned air. There might be dust or hair stuck in there that needs to be removed. Finally, lubricate your shaver according to the instructions in your user manual from the manufacturer.

Replace The Foil

It’s also recommended to have the foil replaced at least once per year on these types of shavers. The more you use it, the more the foil wears and it could develop holes that can cause the device to pinch your skin or even cut you. You can find YouTube videos online that demonstrate how to perform this task.

Rotary Head Electric Shaver

Don’t forget to unplug your shaver or remove the batteries before you start working on your shaver.

First, remove the head assembly from the housing before removing the shaver head from the blade assembly. Find a flat surface to place it on.

Next, you can remove the screens with the blade unit to clean. You can use the small brush that came with your shaver or even a small paintbrush will do the trick. You’ll have to replace the screen if it is corroded or damaged.

Lubricate Blades

It’s also important to lubricate your blades from time to time but especially when you have the device apart. The lubrication reduces friction caused between the metals inside. It also makes the blades feel smoother on your face.

Maintenance Tips

In order to keep your electric shaver working properly, you need to maintain it properly. Proper maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars in replacement shavers. Remember, if something does go wrong, you can troubleshoot your way through the problem with the aforementioned guidance.

Clean Immediately After Each Use

Think of your shaver as a luxury device that requires a little TLC after each use. Just as you would keep any other expensive device clean, so should you clean your shaver.

Your shaver inevitably collects excess hair that can get gummed up in the blades. The hair will gum up from the oils and clog the functioning blades, even damaging them. Follow the guidelines for cleaning your shaver in the manufacturer’s guide that came with it.

Replace the Blades

Of course, your blades are going to dull after you use your shaver enough. Especially if you use it every day, your blades will wear down to the point that they are pulling your hair more than shaving it. This can cause skin irritations and a less than perfect shave.

Make sure you replace your blades at least once per year depending on how often you shave to keep that smooth look that you work so hard for.

Keep Dry

It may seem like a no-brainer but keeping your shaver dry when not in use is of the utmost importance for proper care. Water will corrode and weaken the blades. You can either keep the razor in standing position when you’re not using it or activate the shaver’s dry setting feature that should drain it of any moisture.

Don’t Overcharge

Just as with most re-chargeable devices, you don’t need to keep your shaver charging when the battery is full. This can cause the battery to overheat and kill its lifespan over time. Simply charge it to capacity, remove it from the charger, and even allow it to die once in a while.

Brush Your Blades

Keep a small paintbrush on hand for cleaning your blades. It has tougher bristles that can remove the hair from the blades more easily. It will also grab other debris just as the brush that came with your shaver.

Look for a flat artist sable brush or animal hair.

Final Thoughts

The best thing you can do for your peace of mind and your skin is to keep your shaver clean and maintained. Without proper maintenance, things are bound to go wrong.

Just remember that you can always find replacement part kits from either the manufacturer or a local retailer.

There’s no sense in spending money on a new electric shaver when you can fix the one you have, yourself. Keep these tips in mind the next time you use your shaver and save yourself a few bucks or more when something goes wrong. Go ahead, you can do it!

If you still run into problems with your electric shaver, or if you have more questions, check out our Questions & Answers page.